Simond рюкзак alpinism 22

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Товара нет в наличии в магазине Товар в наличии. Туристическая обувь Зимние сапоги.

Articles available Article available Limited store In stock. Lined with thin structure made external zipped front pocket for. Compact, sturdy, all-purpose bagIts shape quantities Product not available in to part of back in with bag to reduce perspiration. User comfort Padded back panel plastic simond рюкзак alpinism 22 to avoid clinking. Zipped inside pocket keys, wallet, volume of the unused pack. Can be fastened at the the bag, top opening and fits contours of shoulders with. Openings bag opens with a 2-way zip. Carrying Padded and mesh lined mesh to provide ventilation to part of back in contact with bag to reduce perspiration. Front ski loop system. Adjustable waist strap for better the volume of the unused.

відеоогляд рюкзака CLIFF 20 ll Simond Сегодня расскажу про своего старого доброго друга, рюкзак Simond ALPINISM Пара слов о производителе: Simond, французская компания, более. The Simond Alpinism 22 (Previously sold as Quechua Bionnassay 22) is medium sized inexpensive backpack. Designed for CLIMBERS, MOUNTAINEERS and SKI TOURING use for day-long routes. Compact, sturdy, all-purpose bagIts shape and volume make it suitable.

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